Sunday, 17 March 2013

HIT Resurgence 2013

First thing I guess is to apologise that I haven't really committed to this blog over the past 6-12 months. In the run up to the Paralympic games I was busy coaching and since then I've been catching up with the rest of my life. Maybe it's that I haven't stopped to write about what's been going on, or maybe it's because nothing hugely significant has happened that I wanted to share....until now....

I'm writing this from a hotel room in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA having spent the past couple days out here for a strength training conference - The Hit Resurgence.

What an incredible couple of days....right now I'm still in awe of the experience as a whole and need less to say that future blogs will discuss the conference in greater detail. But here's what's going through my mind right now...

Firstly the back-profile of this conference is that a company called Discover Strength which run a series of high intensity gyms in Minnesota have run this conference over the past few years. Previous speakers include Jim Flannagan, Dr. Ellington Darden, Dr. Wayne Westcott and Dr. Ted Lambrinides (this is not an exhaustive list)...this year saw Matt Brzycki, Brian Johnston, Dave (and Patty Durell), Mark Asanovich, and more (sorry I'll get to everyone I promise)...oh and myself.

6am is as good a time as any for a good
MedX/Nautilus HIT workout!
The title conference this year was Evidence Based Resistance Training which was a great place to discuss the titled article I published back in 2011, as well as discuss further research since then. But before you get in to thinking that this was a typical exercise science conference just wait. This was the most intelligent, forward thinking and applied approach to exercise science and strength training conference that I might have ever been to. Whether your interest was to reaffirm or develop your business model and marketing strategies/customer service (Chris Lutz and Diana Del Garbino), or get put through a great HIT workout (thanks Greg and all the Discover Strength staff), learn about application of HIT concepts (Dwayne Wimmer) or progressive and advanced techniques in resistance exercise (Brian Johnston, Dave & Patty Durell), hear about the past and future of strength and conditioning of athletes (Mark Asanovich), nutritional strategies (Richard Wolff), or hear about some of the science of exercise science (Matt Brzycki)....(phew)...this conference really had it all. And that's just the speakers, that doesn't include the other attendees and networking opportunities or active discussions (personally; ranging from complex science discussions about heart rate variability to just hearing stories about Arthur Jones). If you missed out then you can get the DVD's from the website. (I don't work for Discover Strength so the sales mean nothing mean to me except that they'll be worth every penny!)....and keep your ears to the ground for next year (and future blog posts!)

 Special thanks to:
  • Greg for a truly awesome workout (and of course Taylor who started the workout!)
  • Brandon Jonker (this guy's quest for knowledge with intelligent academic research and industry oriented questions was unbelievable; plus we hung out till like 2am drinking green beer and Guiness!),
  • Brandon Rudenick for organising the logistics and management of the conference
  • The other speakers for being an awesome group of supportive, challenging and progressive individuals (the term 'brotherhood' was used and it's truly not out of place!)
  • The rest of the DS staff who held everything together
  • And most importantly for me - Luke one point or another the comment of who was carrying the torch forward for HIT was asked....Luke - it's you fella...keep up the great work!
All - I'll write more in greater detail when I get back to the UK, but in the meantime; train hard and be well.


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