Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"A Practical Approach to Strength Training" - Book Recommendation

Ladies and Gents....

Please forgive the shameless advertising, a colleague and peer of mine in the USA (Princeton), has finished his 4th Ed. of "A Practical Approach to Strength Training". - Genuinely it's one of the best strength training books you can get, very comprehensive in discussing nutrition and supplements with a Q&A section at the end; as well as being evidence-based (something a little too rare in books of this nature).

It will generally take you from beginner (or correcting inaccuracies in your knowledge base), through diagrams of manual, free-weight and resistance machine based training, to having wisdom comparable and better than many health and exercise professionals.

I believe in this book so much, I stuck my name on the back of it (see photo)!

If you're in the market for a new book like this, or just looking to maintain a grip on your library of sound reference books then please check this one out.

Since my previous post was about a recent publication of my own which discusses the cardiovascular fitness benefits of resistance training, I can see no reason why you're still reading this and not searching for it in the shops somewhere!

Shameless advert over.

Be Well

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  1. I purchased this book when it was published. At that time I found the book too conservative and "boring", but the truth is, few months later, some fads I used to practice showed not to be that benefitial - intermittent fasting for example, or too much focus on dietary choices (paleo, low carb...) Now I really appreciate the evidence-based approach. I also read through some chapters I skipped, like stretching, and found them very reasonably written.

    Where I differ with the author? I consider creatine supplementation to be safe and take 5g/day, but that's something I still study and explore. helped a lot.