Friday, 20 January 2012

Hillfit - A book recommendation!

I've recently been asked to review a book "Hillfit: Strength" by Chris Highcock.

People might look at it and think it's just for hikers, or hill walkers, or 'outdoorsy' people of some kind or another. They'd be wrong.

The reality of this book, is it's one of the most encompassing guides to health and fitness that I've seen, ranging from hormones and their effects on your hunger and fat loss, to bone density, to evidence-based strength training. It nicely links back to Chris' blog about simple elements that are hugely underrated in modern exercise philosophy, and openly examines common misconceptions about balance and skill. All the while providing simple pictures for the newcomer to strength training to cover fundamental exercises.

Of course all of this is underpinned by science and generally applied to the outdoors person, thought not so much as to lose the more general person. Fundamentally for me, this is a book about YOUR health and how to improve it, and more, how to enjoy doing it safely and effectively, whether you plan to use it to be outdoors or not.

That said, whilst I have a close relationship with nature in surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, and the like, this book is written in a way that makes me want to look outside and go explore.

My recommendation is to pick up this book, whether you're a hiker, or a gym enthusiast it's a safe addition to your library and will only help you to see health improvements and enjoy life a little more.

Thanks Chris

Be Well


In the interests of disclosure: Chris asked me to objectively review this book, not write a blog about it, but the reality is even as a fitness and conditioning lecturer where my shelves are stacked; I believe you can never have too many books like this. The ones that re-affirm what you might know, and give you other perspectives.

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