Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Heavy Duty - A Scientific Perspective

Mike Mentzer, potentially one of the greatest body-builders of all time, and the only one to get a perfect score in the Mr. Universe competition in 1978 in Mexico, was also a leader in strength training theory and practice. Having worked under the expertise of Arthur Jones for many years, he then progressed some of Arthur's ideas and almost revolutionised the world of strength training and body-building.

Low-volume, high-intensity training is almost synonymous with Mike Mentzer, and many of the current greats still preach his training philosophies. Indeed, Mike was also a big advocate of Ayn Rand, and her Objectivism philosophy; essentially supporting self-worth, and personal value above all else. He once intelligently wrote:

"Man, is an indivisible entity, an integrated unit of mind and body."

Myself and a colleague have recently put together something of a tribute article which looks at Mike's exercise theories from a scientific perspective, and evaluates their merits. His logical, unbiased, forward thinking approach has, for want of a better term, led us in to the light, and his Heavy Duty high-intensity training (HIT) principles, are unquestionably supported by the scientific research.

Here is the link to his site, and the article Heavy Duty - A Scientific Perspective should be in the top middle of the page with a big NEW sign next to it.

This is a must read for anyone interested in strength training, bodybuilding, or Mike Mentzer.

Mike, tragically never won the Mr Olympia but placed a controversial 5th in the 1980 line-up that saw Arnold (Schwarzenegger) win again. Without going in to it, this whole competition was riddled with controversy and ABC the US news station who filmed the event refused to show it believing it to be a fix. Whilst he never won himself he went on to train Dorian Yates, one of the greatest of all time, who collected 6 consecutive wins from 1992-1997, before retiring with injury.

You can find a bunch of Mike's books on there with all his teachings and strength training work-outs and words of wisdom, including details of his training of Dorian Yates. You'll also find some reading about how mind and body connect and his life philosophies, in addition to t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Pay it a visit!

And enjoy the article


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